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  • Restaurant and café with sea-view
  • Swimming pool with fresh water and bar
  • Private beach with sundeck and beach bar
  • Massage balé (gazebo)
  • Relaxation balé (gazebo)
  • Grass playground with night light
  • Dive center
  • Laundry
  • Mini ZOO a sea aquariums
  • Boat (for 10 persons)
  • Sea kayak
  • 2 A/C mini buses (each for 11 persons)
  • Motorbike rental
  • Mountain bike rental
  • Badminton, pétanque,...
Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort

Nature conservation, Mini ZOO and Sea Aquariums

Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort

A number of years, our company is in Bali to join the non-profit project to save coral reefs of Bali for the next generation. We currently support local program "Satu Satu orang drive" towards the restoration and return of forest to deforested areas in the north of Bali. Aquariums and Mini Zoo are beginning a series of nonprofit projects, focusing on:

  • Monitoring the conditions of coral reefs and coastal zones around the ocean
  • Education of local residents to protect endangered animals and plants
  • Rescue litters vulnerable and handicapped animals

We focus on endemic and endangered fauna of Bali and surrounding islands. Daily convinces many local residents had no idea what all are own 'lives or has lived and most distorted ideas such as the danger of snakes and other terrestrial and marine organisms.

Our 3 marine aquarium with a poolside bar at sea, the water content of about 12,000 liters of water are alive after 2 years of fighting with the technique and the elements. On the "living stones" found next to the coral and sea anemones and clowns. More people will gradually increase. Within the new aviary and terrarium moved magical inhabitants.

Our pets (pair of sulphur-crested cockatoos) Kiki and Koko already sits there more than 7 years and are more than friendly. Sunflower seeds and peanuts will never refuse. But they like also the sweetened coffee with milk.

Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort

In the spring in our aviary appeared hairy monkey of which turned out to be baby of Javanese Slow Loris. After long persuasion, we gradually get even mom and dad. Now we already know what our pets like to eat ans after six o'clock in the evening a lovely night monkeys can be seen in the cage opposite the reception. They like bananas, papaya, milk with honey, crickets and from time to time some meat...

The terrarium has gradually settled for six colors of the four local species of pythons - reticulated, black-tailed, Sumatran short-tailed and green tree. All are friendly and not toxic! On your own you can see that the snakes are not really slimy. In other terrariums You can find Skinks (huge lizards), long-neck turtles and bizarre spiny turtle.

Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort Facilities of Selang Resort

Successfully revives the aviary. High aviary in the terrarium aquarium you can observe three kinds of colorful Indonesian pigeon. Another two beautiful Alexander pink bearded and one Blue Lori we moved to our second resort in Tulamben.

After a dramatic and successful police intervention in the island of Java in Surabaya against traders in animals (the attempted illegal export) in our aviary appeared magical pair of clowns hornbills. The imports are taken care of by our friends the police, who followed with interest the construction of the aviary complex in Selang Resort.